Wasting time on the toilet?
Proper nutrition and women's health - first of all!


A huge number of people spend quite a lot of valuable time going to the toilet for the most part, while even doing interesting things during this process: they read books, listen to music, dream and make plans and talk on the phone. 

Классные штучки для мам!!

But think, what are the reasons for being in a place that really does not deserve such attention from an active and progressive woman, perhaps the reason is the necessity, because it does not work out quickly and, perhaps, it is the habit that has become a real ritual that can last eternity?


Most likely, the reason for loosing such a lot of time is digestion and eating habits. Certain foods stimulate digestion, help maintain a healthy digestive system and reduce the risk of intestinal diseases. Such products must be eaten daily and together with a sufficient amount of liquid.


A woman should always feel light as a feather and a day of a woman, who is really active, should be based on proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is the key to health! So, start with 30 grams of dietary fiber and two liters of water or eight glasses a day, at least, but do not forget about natural juices.

Классные штучки для мам!!

Diversify your daily diet with apples, oatmeal, flaxseeds, berries and honey with nuts. Do not forget about dairy products useful for the intestinal flora, such as yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, buttermilk or ayran. Paying attention to proper nutrition will save your time in the toilet and you will spend it more efficiently!

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